What is Supercompute?
Supercompute is a web3 company dedicated to democratizing access to blockchain technologies, providing education and resources to users, businesses, and communities.

Do you Custody user funds ever ?
❌ Absolutely not. Self Custody is a Pillar of the space.
Can Supercompute help me get rich quick ?
❌ Absolutely not Viewing Wealth Holistically is a core logic of the space #REFI Supercompute in concept and action is about Communal well being. Day trading has its Utility this however is not that
I got a email from lifelesson.com asking for money should i send it?
❌ Absolutely not. The web3 space is interesting and important for our future.
However it is not SAFE.
Scams are common to the unsuspecting user. Healthy Skepticism is new best friend. always check links and verify when in doubt.
Do we offer investment advice?
No we offer semi technical support to help users clients and community arrive into this web3 space as secure as possible.
What services does Supercompute offer?
Supercompute offers consulting services, Protocol Evaluations, and guidance on decentralized finance (DeFi), (Refi Principles) DAO governance, and practical applications of web3 protocols, among others.
How does Supercompute help new users in the web3 space?
Supercompute assists new users with onboarding onto web3 platforms, explaining complex concepts in an accessible way, and providing educational content and hands-on demonstrations.